Instant Availability
Instant Availability Services

Business Continuity

Instant Availability can enable your business to continue within 4 hours of notification of a disaster. The purpose built facility offers an excellent workplace environment. Each workstation is equipped with a desk, chair, telephone and laptop/PC to enable your business to continue operating as efficiently as possible.

In order for you to access your data, The Continuum has a secure server room which offers a selection of dedicated and shared rack space for you to install your own equipment. To reassure you that your business is in safe hands, we offer 2 test days a year. Ensuring a streamlined experience in the event of a disaster.
Services at Instant Availability

Workplace Recovery

Workplace Recovery is about taking responsibility for your business and ensuring it stays on course during and after a disaster. It enables you to improve the resilience of your business by identifying the core operations that would be affected by a disaster.

Instant Availability can provide you with the facilities to continue your business operations, mean that your business can recover quickly and efficiently from any type of disruption whatever the size or cause. It gives you a solid solution in times of crisis and provides stability and security.

Benefits of Instant Availability

We provide a wide range of services to ensure we are able to cover every aspect of your business following a disaster. Business continuity is of utmost importance to us. Below you will find areas which our packages cover for your business.

Test Days
We include test days to provide reassurance and peace of mind.
Fast Acting
We aim to have your business back on track within 4 working hours.
Modern Equipment
Recovery positions for each user include desk, chair, telephone and laptop PC.
Data Replication
We specialise in data and full system backup and replication to enable full and rapid server recovery.
Platforms Supported
All major system platforms are supported and can be easily integrated on our site.
Secure Recovery Suite
Full business continuity management consulting is available.
Rack Space
All facilities include secure server rooms with dedicated rack space available.
Internet Access
High speed and secure web connectivity is provided as a minimum obligation.
Telephony Systems
Fully pre-configured telephony solutions are provided, including DDI & VOIP.